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Carpet Cleaning 

With our cleaning process your carpet fibres will be left thoroughly clean, sanitised and conditioned. We will remove any stains and soil from the fibres, kill any harmful bacteria, along with dust mites, carpet moths and beetles. Our salt based pre spray will sanitise the carpet  fibres and eliminate any unpleasant odours

Our cleaning detergents have been specially formulated to ensure that no residue gets left behind, this will prevent rapid re-soiling. The only things we leave behind are soft, beautifully clean carpets which will stay looking that way for a considerable length of time



Our Step by Step Carpet Cleaning Process


Step 1)  Pre Clean Inspection: The first thing we will do is carry out an inspection of the carpeting you would like to have cleaned. We will identify the type of fibres it’s made from, check the backing material and the level of soiling. After we have carried out our inspection we will  then be able to work out the most effective cleaning method along with the best products to use

Step 2)  Power Vacuuming: We thoroughly vacuum your carpeting using a high powered vacuum cleaner which has a HEPA filter and powerful rotating brush. Prior to the vacuuming we use a stiff brush to separate the matted carpet fibres, this helps to release the soiling and enables us to extract as much dust, grit and other dry soils as possible before we apply any solutions on to the area we are cleaning

Step 3) Treat Stubborn Stains: We will treat stubborn stains with the appropriate pre-spray solution. Our pre-spray breaks-down the particles that form the stains making them easier to remove during the hot water extraction stage of the cleaning process

Step 4)  Pre-Clean Treatment: We spray an alkaline (salt) based pre-spray over the entire area we are cleaning, this breaks-down any remaining soil and helps to draw it to the surface of the fibres. Our pre-spray kills harmful bacteria, dust mites and carpet moths, it also sanitises the fibres and eliminates any odours

Step 5)  Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:  We use a powerful hot water extraction machine filled with hot water and a citric acid rinse aid to jet solution deep into the carpet fibres. The solution jet on the machine is followed by a high powered vacuum which instantly extracts the soil and solution from the fibres. The citric acid rinse aid that we add to the water will neutralises the salt in our alkaline pre-spray, leaving your carpet fibres feeling soft, conditioned and free from any sticky residue. On wool carpets we add liquid lanolin to the rinse water to replace these natural oils. Lanolin helps to protect and strengthen wool fibres

Step 6) Setting the carpet fibres / Customer inspection: During the final stage of our cleaning process we groom your carpet using a specially designed brush to restore, plump up and sets the fibres. This will result in a detailed, finished look and make the carpet fibres feel nice and springy under foot

We will then ask you to inspect the work we have done to make sure you are satisfied. We will provide you with some advice on the best way to maintain your carpeting, including the correct vacuuming technique along with advice on how to effectively remove stains from the fibres using the appropriate products  


Optional Extras

Blast Drying: After your carpeting has been thoroughly cleaned we are able to blast dry the fibres so the carpet will be dry and ready to use straight away

Stain Shield Treatment: After we have thoroughly cleaned and blast dried your carpeting we can apply a polymer stain shield, this will act as an invisible barrier against a majority of household stains including coffee and red wine. The stain shield will also helps to reduce wear, prevent U.V bleaching and makes dry soil easier to remove when carrying out your regular routine vacuuming

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