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Leather Cleaning & Conditioning 

With our professional leather & suede cleaning service your upholstery will be left thoroughly clean, sanitised, conditioned and protected. We will remove stains, soil and grease from the leather or suede and kill any harmful bacteria. Our citric acid cleansing get will thoroughly sanitize the fabric and eliminate any unpleasant odours

Over time leather upholstery dries out, this is because it loses the oils which are there to protect it. This can result in the leather cracking and fading in colour. We replace these essential oils during the conditioning stage of our cleaning process, this will help to prevent your leather from drying out, cracking or suffering from loss of colour




Our Step by Step Leather Cleaning Process


Step 1)  Pre Clean Inspection: The first stage is to carry out an inspection of the leather upholstery you would like to have cleaned. We will identify the type of leather its made from, the most common types of leather we clean is aniline leather, pigmented leather, suede and nubuck. Once we have identified the type of leather we will then be able to work out the most effective method and which products to use

Step 2)  Power Vacuuming: We thoroughly vacuum your leather upholstery using an industrial powered vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Prior to the vacuuming we brush the leather using a soft brush to release any dry soil , this enables us to extract as much dust, grit and other dry soil  as possible before we apply any solutions on to the leather we are cleaning

Step 3) Treat Stubborn Stains: We treat stubborn stains with the appropriate pre-spray. Our pre-spray solution breaks-down the particles that form the stains. If your leather has been conditioned regularly then we should be able to remove stains fairly easily. If the leather hasn’t been conditioned regularly and the staining has worked its way into the colouring layer then it might not be possible to remove the stain, this is because  there will be a risk of us damaging the coloured layer when attempting to remove the stain  

Step 4)  Citrus Gel Cleansing Treatment: We apply a mild citric acid cleaning gel to the leather using a soft, micro fibre cloth. The cleansing gel breaks down any surface grease, sanitises the leather and helps to remove odours. After the cleaning gel has had a few minutes to work we remove the gel using a damp cloth

Step 5)  Neatsfoot Oil Conditioning Treatment: Once the leather is dry we apply 2 coats of neatsfoot oil condition balm. We give the balm some time to soak into the leather before buffing off any excess conditioner. We keep buffing the leather until we have restored the leathers original finish

Step 6) Customer Inspection: We will then ask you to inspect the cleaning  we have done to make sure you are satisfied with the result. We will provide you with a receipt for the work and give you some advice on the best way to maintain your leather upholstery

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